Big Boy employee jailed after pouring animal drugs into coffee

Edwin Ledgard, 36, is accused of pouring animal medication in customer coffee. / Lucas County jail

A former Big Boy employee who poured animal medication into customer coffee told police he had a "delusion" to kill customers.

A police report says 36-year-old Edwin Ledgard poured Dextran, a drug used to treat anemia in baby pigs, into a pot of coffee at the restaurant on Friday. Two co-workers saw Ledgard's actions and took the vials of drug from him.

There were no customers in the restaurant at the time of the incident, according to a statement released by Bennett Enterprises, the company that owns and operates Big Boy.

"This action was not covert. It was witnessed by two employees who promptly quarantined the product, detained Mr. Ledgard,and summoned the police," the statement reads.

Ledgard was held at the Lucas County jail on a charge of contaminating a substance for human consumption.

Bennett Enterprises says Ledgard is no longer in their employ and that the police will have the company's full cooperation.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)