Birmingham ethnic festival underway

A display of birds made from golf cart tires at the Birmingham ethnic festival

The Birmingham ethnic festival is underway.

Every third Sunday in August, the Birmingham festival begins. This is the first year the festival is two days long.

Betsy Ujvagi, working at the Hungarian Club booth, commented about the festival. "The Birmingham ethnic festival is sort of a neighborhood festival to celebrate the neighborhood, to thank the neighborhood, for all of the things, we try to do, for the city as a whole and also in the area."

Betsy is also the secretary of the festival committee.

This is the 38th year of the festival.

"Everybody who calls Birmingham home, or called Birmingham home, comes home for the festival," Ujvagi also said.

The festival continues until 10 p.m. tonight. It picks up again tomorrow at noon, and goes to 9 p.m.