Bitter cold plaguing cars

<font size="2">The most common car issue in sub-zero weather is battery failure.</font>

The bitter-cold weather has taken its toll on cars too. Car owners are consulting help from professionals.

Experts at Yark Automotive Group say the frigid temperatures slow down every moving part of the car and thickens car fluids.

The deep freeze causes car problems, even as simple as anti-freeze needing to be replaced.

"If there's no flow, we could break cylinder blocks. Your radiator could just freeze up," said Michael Parks with Yark.

And if the radiator goes, there will be no heat.

Yark says that's not the only problem to look out for. Tires lose pressure in cold weather, so car mechanics say check them frequently. The correct PSI that measures the air pressure inside tires is easy to find.

"Look in the door jam. There's a yellow tag that always tell you what tire pressure the manufacturer wants in that tire," said Parks.

The most common car issue in sub-zero weather is battery failure. Batteries crank a little slower, and a car requires a certain amount of RPM's to start.

Here's a secret tip to keep washer fluid from freezing: try mixing a 16 ounce bottle of rubbing alcohol with one gallon of washer fluid.