Bitter dispute among parents about hand washing at TPS

<font size="2">The policy states that at the beginning of the school year students are instructed on proper hand washing techniques</font>

The mother of a TPS students maintains her assertion that some students are not allowed to wash their hands while at school.

On Thursday, WNWO spoke exclusively to the mother of a TPS student alleging that her son observed teachers at Burroughs Elementary School preventing some students from washing their hands during bathroom breaks.

A spokesperson for Toledo Public Schools denied that there was a policy in place where teachers gave students hand sanitizer instead of letting them wash their hands.

Heather reached out to WNWO on Friday to express her displeasure at the district's denials of her allegations. "It's completely false and before they make statements, they should get the facts," Heather said.

The story that aired on Thursday generated vigorous debate on the WNWO facebook page. Some were critical of Heather and others appeared to support her allegations.

"There are comments from teachers saying yes this happened," Heather said. A woman who identified herself as a teacher at East Broadway Elementary School wrote : "Ok maybe it isn't a perfect system. I am a teacher at EBES and I started using sanitizer after I had students falling and hurting themselves on the wet, soapy floors in the restrooms. I cannot be in the two restrooms AND monitoring my students in the hall," the teacher wrote.

Not all of the posts were supportive of Heather however. Another woman wrote: "This is ridiculous and shame on the parents that believe this. This is the problem today...believing kids over respected, educated adults."

A spokesperson for Toledo Public Schools sent an e-mail to WNWO which outlined the district's hand washing policy. The policy states that at the beginning of the school year students are instructed on proper hand washing techniques.

Teachers take the class as a group to the restroom and observe the students to make sure that they wash their hands. Hand sanitizer is used when water is not available as in the case of a boil advisory.