Bitterly cold conditions have residents hunkering down

Some of the coldest air of the season is sinking into Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

"It's been a while since it's been this cold, but we know what it's like," said Gary Huepenbecker.

The Monroe resident says he was sent out on Monday night to the gas station to fill up his wife's car, but otherwise, he's hunkering down in the comfort of his own home.

"We try to stay in the house as much as possible," said Huepenbecker. :We have a little dog, that dog spends about 12 seconds out and then she's right back in, so she knows how to stay in too."

The single-digit temperatures and sub-zero wind chills kept many off the streets Monday evening. But, despite the deep freeze, one family told us they were still out to make the best of the night.

"it's my youngest son's birthday. He's turning 13," said Julie of Monroe. "So we had to, but it will be worth it."

She says after the party, it will be a different story.

"We are huddling up with space heaters on.. In addition to the furnace!"