Black Friday shoppers embrace cold weather, deals...on Thursday

Shoppers lined up outside of Best Buy hours before their 5 p.m. opening on Thursday. (WNWO)

“Several of them, I was like, these are some low prices. I’ve never experienced such low prices for stuff like this,” said Kyleigh Deliney, a first time Black Friday shopper.

It didn’t matter that Thursday was Thanksgiving, shoppers were anxious to get the earliest Black Friday deals, including a 2 p.m. opening at J.C. Penny in the Fallen Timbers Mall in Maumee. Most of the stores, and the outdoor mall itself, opened their doors from 6 p.m. until midnight.

At Best Buy in Toledo, a sub $200 50” television had lines starting hours before its 5 p.m. opening.

“It’s different. It’s interesting. As soon as we get to buy stuff, which we couldn’t afford in the regular type of settings, as you can see. There’s big fights. It’s different and I’ll come back next year, too,” declared University of Toledo Student, Shardul Sawant.

With the cold weather, and early start times on Thanksgiving Day, shoppers proved that they would do anything to get the best deal…including camping out.

“We go out camping sometimes, Upper Peninsula and any of the campgrounds, so we have a tent. It helped us a lot because we were playing cards inside the tent. It was a good outing for three or four hours. We enjoyed it a lot even if we did not get a TV,” said University of Toledo Student, Akshay Chavan.

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