Blinding Beauty: Getting a Hollywood look without hurting yourself

Amanda Gadberry applies eyelash extensions to a client at Sass Salon & Spa in Bellevue.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but the cosmetics industry makes billions of dollars every year selling its products to consumers.

"Woman spent $44,000,000 on fake eyelash extensions," Dr. Travis Stork said during a November airing of 'The Doctors'.

Though that is just a small portion of the money spent on beauty items and cosmetics, each year, the business of selling false eyelashes has captivated at least one big star.

In early 2012, singer Katy Perry launched her own line of false lashes called "The Eyelure collection".

"They are looking for that movie star look...they are looking for convenience of not having to wear mascara every day," Amanda Gadberry of Sass Salon and Spa in Bellevue said.

Gadberry knows how popular fake lashes have become, she is just one of the employees at Sass that are professional trained to apply eyelash extensions, but warns applying them can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.

"You can pull out your natural lash when [taking off] the fake and you could end up not having could even rip your skin,â?? Gadberry said.

Dr. Rick Cherry, the owner of Cherry Vision Center in Sylvania, also has advice for those thinking about using false lashes.

â??When it comes to applying anything around the eye or on the eyelid you have to be careful with the product you are using and be careful with a potential allergic reaction [to the lash adhesive]. Itâ??s always worse if the allergy is on the lids because the lids can swell easily,â?? Cherry said.

Cherry advises testing the glue on another area of skin before using it to adhere the lashes to your lids.

The doctor also warns against leaving the lashes out after use, sharing them with friends and recommends washing your hands before you apply them.

â??Bacteria gets up under the glue and it collects there and that's how you end up with a sty or an infection,â?? Dr. Cherry said of using over the counter fake lashes.

The alternative, though more costly, option to getting fuller lashes is eye lash extensions.

â??Adhering the lash onto each individual eyelash is going to last a longer than to adhere a strip of eyelashes to your skin,â?? Gadberry said of the procedure.

She and Dr. Cherry, however, say before you pay for the procedure you should make sure the person applying the lashes has experience and is licensed to do it.

But, Gadberry adds that it is not just in the application process that having an expert helps.

â??We can answer all your questions and give after care advice which is important,â?? Gadberry said.

Tips like avoiding oil based make up removers or rubbing your eyes after the application.

Two pieces of advice that will keep your investment into eyelash extensions intact for a lot longer.