Bloody nose busts Toledo boxer

Martin Tucker (white shorts) is seen in a moment of victory.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. And don't get busted.

Toledo boxer Martin Tucker is an unlucky man. In addition to getting a bloody nose during an April fight at the Huntington Center, he has now been arrested and charged with robbing a bank three years ago.

What got him caught? Preliminary investigation into the robbery suspect's identity led police to discover Tucker is a boxer based in Toledo. It was until a clever FBI agent from Detroit made a trip to one of Tucker's boxing matches that the case unfolded.

A swab used to clean Tucker's nose was tossed outside the ring during the fateful April fight. The bloodied swab, picked up by the FBI agent, carried DNA matching that which was found at the July 16, 2009 bank robbery.

Tucker is charged with the Monroe County Community Credit Union robbery, along with using or carrying a firearm during the crime.

A criminal complaint was filed against Tucker three years to the day after the robbery took place.

Tucker is set to appear in a Detroit court on July 31, 2012.