Blowing and drifting snow present problems for rural county roads

Northwest Ohio

was hit with snow last week

, b

ut the plows are still needed on some rural roads where blowing and drifting snow continues to pose a problem for drivers.



ou go over there one time with a plow and the snow quickly comes right back after you just plowed them, so it's a constant maintenance battle



explains Theresa Pollick, Public Information Officer with Ohio Department of Transportation District 2.


n an effort to win th


blowing and drifting snow battle, ODOT

has kept
plow trucks on county roads, "you think the roads are clear because it could be clear on your way onto work, but when you get out of work, the blowing and drifting has occurred, then you could run into some potential problems," says Pollick.


lows continue to push drifting snow off roads in what has become a meteorological version of whack a mole.


ome drivers

like Jayne Peske



their own thoughts on possible solutions

, "I think they should put some more salt down, might help us out a little bit."

Help Peske feels her friend could have used recently, "I know somebody that did go into a ditch, but other than that, I haven't had an problems myself," says Peske.


wants to make sure nobody has any problems.
They say plows have been on the roads everyday spreading salt and a brine solution, "the primary concern is going to be plowing the blowing and drifting areas back and that's what we're going to focus on tonight, tomorrow could be a different ball game," adds Pollick.

ODOT adds drivers should drive carefully and not drive too close to plow trucks.