Bodies Revealed opens this weekend in Toledo

There are few people, except for doctors and medical examiners who ever get to see the human body like this. Undressed from its skin and explicitly exposed as a study in raw human anatomy. The Bodies Revealed exhibit opens at the Imagination Station this Saturday in downtown Toledo and gives the curious a chance to look deeply inside the body to witness the muscular, circulatory, skeletal and nervous systems close up.

These are not models, but real human bodies, from China, that have been dissected and preserved using a special technique called polymer preservation. There are 10 full body specimens and 150 partial specimens. Some of the bodies are presented in physical poses, accentuating the muscle and skeletal form.

It's not just a voyeuristic opportunity, but an educational opportunity as the exhibit also shows people the effects of unhealthy lifestyles, such as what smoking can do to the internal organs. Lori Hauser, the executive director of Imagination Station says " This is a potentially life-altering experience."

The exhibit runs through September 18th and tickets are now on sale at Imagination Station.