Body found at bottom of stairway inside Toledo home

Police are investigating after a body was found inside this abandoned E. Streicher St. home.

North Toledo, OH - Men working to clear an abandoned North Toledo home stumbled upon more than just cobwebs when they found a body in the basement Wednesday morning.

According to Toledo Police, two men were inside the home at 438 E. Streicher to remove asbestos prior to demolition of the structure. When the men entered the basement of the home, they found a blanket at the bottom of the staircase.

The men tried to kick the blanket out of the way, but noticed human legs protruding from under it. They then came upstairs and called police.

Authorities have confirmed the presence of a body at the scene but have not disclosed the race, gender, or any other identifiers, only that the body was badly decomposed.

Several neighbors say they saw the body before it was covered. They tell WNWO that it appeared to be a male, with braids or corn rows on one side of the head.

Residentss say a body being found here isn't a shock.

"Stuff happens all the time," says Chris Cartlidge, who lives nearby. "Especially on this side of town. I wasn't surprised at all."

Two separate groups of people came to the scene during the investigation to see if they could identify the body as a missing family member.

Another neighbor, who asked not to be identified, counts the abandoned homes on one side of the street, totalling five out of nine are vacant.

He says, with the amount of empty homes, something like this was bound to happen. He adds that the vacant homes already attract trouble.

"They[People] use them either for dogs. Or they go in there and smoke in there. Or they go and drink in there," explains the neighbor. "Police don't do nothing. They barely even come down here."

The house next to that neighbor is also vacant. He uses his trash cans and his cars to block people from using the driveway for foot traffic.

The body was taken to the coroners office for examination, and until results come back, police are treating this case as a homicide.