Body pulled from rubble in fatal Troy Twp. house fire

The site of a house explosion, fire in Troy Twp..

Authorities pulled a woman's body from the rubble of a house explosion and fire in Troy Twp. late Tuesday morning.

According to county records, the house is owned by James and Jahn Richards.

Investigators took to the air to search for a person missing after the early morning explosion at 23415 Stony Ridge Road. Searchers recovered the body over six hours after the 5 a.m. explosion flattened the home.

Neighbors say Jahn Richards was the person who was unaccounted for until authorities say they found the body in the ruins of the home.

Neighbor Bob Lahey says the blast woke him up, and he was on the scene within minutes, "My neighbor was dragging someone out of the debris, so I went over and helped him," he explains. "The man of the house said 'where's my wife?'"

Bob says he was just trying to do whatever he could, "In the back of the house, I saw someone laying under the debris, so I drug them out and got them away from the fire."

Other neighbors say the explosion knocked items off their walls.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office says four people were found outside the single-story home. One of those people died en route to the hospital.

Neighbors say that along with James and Jahn Richards, their two adult sons live in the home, as well as one of the son's fiancé.

The explosion scattered debris for up to a half-mile. Neighbors said it sounded like a plane had crashed.

The Troy Township fire chief says their investigation is focusing on a leaking liquid propane tank as a possible cause of the explosion.