Boots and Brews: local group celebrates International Women's Day

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)--Some celebrate International Women's day with ribbons and ceremonies...others with beer and boots .

The Pink Boots Society, a group that highlights women in the beer industry, held their annual Big Boots Brew day.

Members, supporters, and local female Brewers met at the Black Cloister Brewing Company to brew a honey lager batch and learn from one another.

They were led by head Brewer Shannon Fink along with her assistant brewer Mo Cherry.

Fink has been brewing for the past 7 years and considers herself lucky to be able to spread knowledge about a craft she loves so much. In a male dominated industry, her goal is to get more women moving towards tradition.

" Brewing used to be a primary job of every woman in every household," said Fink. "It became industrialized and then the women got kicked out."

A portion of the profits from the brew will go towards The Pink Boots Society scholarships and educational initiatives.

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