Botched kidney transplant sparks new safety initiatives at UTMC

The University of Toledo Medical Center has enacted several new policies and systems to prevent organ mishandling during transplant surgeries.

After a donated kidney was accidently thrown away during a surgery last month, the University of Toledo Medical Center hopes new safety systems will prevent this incident from happening ever again.

According to The Blade, the hospital has purchased an infrared motion detector and is constructing an alarm to place on the machine that stores organs during surgery. The motion detector would sound an alert when someone gets close to the storage unit, called the "slush machine" The second alarm would also sound off if the slush machine is lifted or touched.

In the Ohio Department of Health's 13-page report about the botched kidney transplant, the operating staff was reportedly unaware that a nurse who recently returned from her lunch break had removed and disposed of the slush machine until it was too late to save the organ.

By implementing the two-alarm system, the staff would know the location of the slush machine at all times.

Along with these organ monitoring systems, The Blade reports that UTMC has enacted a new policy about employee breaks during operations and provided new kidney storage containers and signs to place on the slush machine.