Boudoir photography reveals more than meets the eye

Boudoir images courtesy of Jessica Paxson Photography

It's not your ordinary photo shoot. Local women, wearing very little, are posing for a type of photography that is popular around Valentine's Day. But

Boudoir Photography

is more than meets the eye.

â??It's just one of those things that make you feel good about yourself,â?? Adrienne Bell said.

â??I've had four children, so I think it will help with the self confidence level,â?? Katie Bassett said.

â??I don't consider myself to be sexy, and when you see itâ?¦it's like seeing a whole other person doing it. You're like, 'Oh my god' that came from me?" Tabitha Winner said of the experience.

Jessica Paxson Photography is just one of the local businesses giving local women the opportunity to put on the glitz and prepare for a private photo session.

"Usually girls like to do it as a gift for their hubbies or for themselves. They come out for the day and get all glammed up. We have a hair and make up team," said Jessica Paxson of Jessica Paxson Photography. It is photography that some may find provocative, but to these women it is a form of self expression.

Katie Bassett says this is the first time she has posed in front of a professional photographer.

Giving the images as a Valentine's Day gift to her husband, she says no woman should be ashamed of their body.

"I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I mean, we're women, we want to portray ourselves as this is who we are," Bassett said.

Bassett isn't the only one of Paxson's clients using the photos as a unique Valentine's gift.

"Yes, I'm giving it as a gift to my husband, but honestly I think it'â??s more for me because I feel so good doing it," Bell said.

Bell tried boudoir for the first time last year as a surprise gift for her husband after losing 30 pounds. Now 50 pounds lighter, she says the portraits have increased her confidence and built a closer bond with her husband.

"It spices things up," Bell said. "We have two children, ages six and three, and donâ??t get a lot of alone time."

Regardless of size and shape, Bell, Bassett and Winner agree that boudoir sessions bring out a since of empowerment from within.

"It's not a bad thing; I mean I really want to stress that. There is nothing negative about doing a boudoir session. It's you and the photographer and itâ??s not anything explicit, it's just really fun, sexy good time," said Bell.

So what do you think? Have you done or would you try boudoir photography? Do you think you would find confidence doing a private boudoir session with

Jessica Paxson Photography


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aired on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012.