Bowling Green Sexual Assault Task Force presents findings


Last academic year, there were 14 alleged sexual assaults reported to Bowling Green State University.

In May, the university assembled a task force to identify ways they could better protect their students.

Bowling Green worked in tandem with the University of Toledo to come up with recommended new measures. And now the B-G task force has presented their findings to University President Mary Ellen Mazey.

Alex Solis, Task force Co-Chair, said, “though we’re rivals on the athletic field, we’re on the same team when it comes to preventing sexual assault. They were willing partner every step of the way. We shared information and collaborative efforts on recommendations”

The two rival universities set aside their friendly competitions to take on something much more serious: sexual assault.

“Sexual assault is a real issue," said Solis. "Bowling Green State University deals with it. College, universities all across the nation are working to address this issue. And there has to be a ‘care’ piece.”

Solis goes on to say many task force recommendations target the care process from the moment a sexual assault is reported on.

And those were just some of the recommendations brought forward to President Mazey. The task force even suggested the establishment of a Center for Sexual Violence Health, Wellness, and Advocacy.

President Mazey, commented, “their recommendations key in on education and training, a refinement of our adjudication process when we’re working on these issues on our campus, and a way to really emphasize prevention.”

Altogether, there were 64 recommendations made by the task force. And President Mazey has accepted all of them.

This comes after a facebook post was shared earlier this year, and it spread like wildfire. In it, a Bowling Green student reported she was raped, and was highly critical of the university’s handling of the matter.

“We addressed that particular issue," said Mazey, "not only in terms of our adjudication process, but how we take care of students from the time that we hear a claim until after the adjudication process and they are still a student here at Bowling Green State University. So I think we’ve addressed the issue of that young lady.”

There is no exact timeline on when these measures will be put into place, but of course wants University is hoping to have them implemented as soon as possible.

A separate study was released earlier this summer that was based on an FBI database of all campus crime. It ranked Bowling Green as the 27th safest university in the nation.

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