Bowman's next court date is Monday, August 29

Jurors deciding the fate of murder defendant Robert Bowman told Judge Gene Zmuda that it was hopelessly deadlocked after deliberating over the course of two days. Consequently Judge Zmuda ordered a mistrial. The jury of nine women and three men was dismissed and Judge Zmuda ordered defense and prosecution lawyers to return to court on Monday, August 29. During that hearing prosecutors will reveal whether they will re-try Bowman.

The 75-year-old is accused of the 1967 murder of a Toledo teenager, Eileen Adams. Bowman's ex-wife Margaret testified during the trial that she discovered Adams in the basement of her Sylvania Township home in December 1967 alive, but naked and tied up. She further testified that when her husband discovered his wife in the basement that he flew into a rage and said that he would now to have to kill the girl. Adams' body was discovered in a barren field in Monroe, Michigan the following month. Margaret Bowman finally went to police in 1981 after she had divorced Robert Bowman. Prosecutors presented evidence linking Bowman's semen to Adams' underwear at the dump site but this was still not enough to convince all of the jurors of Bowman's guilt. If the prosecution decides to re-try the case and if Bowman is convicted he faces life in prison.