Boy battling cancer becomes honorary police officer

Most people chose a career path in college, but at just 4-years-old Paul Young has already decided to become a police officer.

"I'd arrest the bad guys," Young said.

On Thursday members of Findlay's finest helped turn Young's wish into a reality, knowing that his cancer diagnosis could keep him from reaching that goal later in life.

In December 2011, Young began treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Recently, Findlay Police learned about Youngâ??s battle and decided they wanted to do more than give the 4-year-old a tour of the police station.

â??We had an idea of getting him a little police cruiser. We had it decaled to be an exact replica of one of our cruisers,â?? Findlay Police K-9 handler Chad McMonigal explained.

In addition to the custom Big Wheel, Young received a childâ??s replica of Findlayâ??s police uniform and was sworn in as a junior police officer by Findlayâ??s mayor.

â??To see him have so much fun, and being that he's sick, it just means a lot to me because he doesn't have a lot of good days,â?? Youngâ??s mother Mary Finkes said.

Those behind Young's big day, however, say they got just as much out of the experience as the 4-year-old did.

â??I wish everyday was like this,â?? McMonigal added.

Young will continue treatment until December of 2014.