Boy returned to Toledo father after claiming he was abducted, dumped along I-75

<span id="bIImageViewer_CaptionTextID">Markise Epperson was found walking alone on I-75 late Thursday.</span>

Rossford Police say a nine-year-old Toledo boy gave them a false story about being abducted and dumped along a highway after being found walking alone on I-75 Thursday.

Markise Epperson was discovered by a concerned citizen around 9 p.m. Thursday. He was found walking on I-75 near the border between Rossford and Northwood.

The boy told authorities that he had been kidnapped in Tennessee, placed in a car by his kidnappers and driven to Ohio where he was pushed out of the vehicle and left on the side of the road.

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Rossford Police immediately began investigating the claim and learned that he had run away from his Toledo residence after an argument with his father, Gregory Jackson.

Prior to uncovering the truth, police had made plans with Wood County officials to place the boy in temporary custody.

After discovering Epperson's true intent was to make it to Tennessee to see his mother, the case was turned over to Lucas County Children's Services.

The boy has been released to his father.