Brazen burglar under arrest after two home invasions

Alleged burglar under arrest after two witnesses drive after him.

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP - As if breaking into one house a night wasnâ??t enough, a bold burglar went back for more.

The Monroe County Sheriffâ??s office arrested a burglar who attempted to rob a house on the 10000-block of Lewis Avenue just after 10 p.m. on Wednesday. The same alleged burglar then robbed a house 15 minutes later in the 8500-block of Secor Road.

In the first burglary, two witnesses say they heard breaking glass and saw a burgundy Ford Escort speeding away from the scene.

In the second burglary, two other witnesses say they heard breaking glass and saw the burglar exiting through a broken glass door. They too described the getaway car as a Ford Escape.

The burglar fled westbound on Consear Road while the witnesses pursued the car, giving deputies valuable information. Shortly after receiving the tips, deputies pulled the burglar over on Douglas and Temperance Roads and took him into custody.

The suspect is in the Monroe County Jail on two counts of breaking and entering.