Bridgepoint Church begins demolition Monday

Bridgepoint Church after fire. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza).

Demolition is set for this Monday on what remains of Bridgepoint Church in Temperance, Mi.

It's expected to take three weeks to complete. The church is looking to break ground on the new building sometime next spring.

Insurance covered the cost of the damages from the fire in March and will almost entirely cover the cost of the new building as well.

Lead pastor, Craig Killinen says it's time for the building to come down.

"It's going to be good for our people, especially. Every time you drive by you get those constant reminders and everything so now when people look at the property, it's not going to be so much about what has taken place, though we thank God for everything that has taken place, but now we begin to dream a little bit as (to) what is going to be in this location," said Killinen.

Currently, the church is holding services every Sunday at Bedford High School and holding their operational duties out of Smith Road Elementary.

Rebekah Hadley is the head of the nursery department at Bridgepoint and has five children of her own, she says she couldn't believe it was happening when it occurred.

"I got a text message from the other nursery worker, Natalie, and it was just a picture of our church in flames and I was going this was really weird, I thought for sure it was a hoax," said Hadley.

While she's looking forward to what will be in its place next year, she's sad to see it go for good.

"I drive by it everyday and I think that's home, and it's not going to be like that again, it's never going to look like it was again, obviously...but seeing some of the pieces that are in place, my heart kind of hopes that they'll keep it because it's home," said Hadley.

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