Bronzed mom accused of taking 5-year-old daughter tanning

Patricia Krentcil

Take a look at this New Jersey mother.


you can see she's pretty tan. Well, Patricia Krentcil is now facing child endangerment charges after police say she took her 5-year-old-daughter into a stand up tanning booth with her.

Authorities say the girl suffered severe burns. But 44-year-old Krentcil is denying the charges. She says her daughter just stood outside the booth while she was inside getting bronzed.

"We went for a walk and I tan, she doesn't tan. It's called a tanning booth and a tan room. I'm in the booth, she's in the room. She doesn't go in there. She's my little girl. I'm not gonna bring my little daughter into a 90 degree bed. I mean, that's not normal" said Patricia Krentcil.

She says Nutley Police were called to her daughter's school after she complained of severe pain from her sunburn and told school officials she had been to a tanning salon with her mother. Krentcil's own skin is deeply bronze-colored from regular salon visits.

Krentcil says her daughter's burns were from the sun. New Jersey law prohibits anyone under 14 from using tanning salons.

Do you believe this mother's story? Or do you think she actually took her daughter into a tanning booth? If convicted of child endangering, what would be an appropriate punishment? Post your comments below or on WNWO's Facebook Fanpage.