Buckeyes like guns: Sales and permits up in 2012

Ohio guns sales and C.C.W. permits up in 2012

If you like your Buckeyes, apparently you might just like your guns too.

After the recent tragedy in Aurora, guns sales and concealed carry permit applications were on the rise in Colorado. But even before the senseless attacks on movie goers, gun sales and concealed weapon permits were on the upswing here in the Buckeye state.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that gun purchases by Ohio residents have been trending up for years, even though there has been a decrease in violent and property crime.

The FBI says it ran 276,156 background checks, the seventh-most in the United States, on Ohio gun buyers in the first half of this year. That number is projected to increase to more than 550,000 checks for all of 2012, which would be an 18-percent increase over 2011. Background checks by the FBI in Ohio last year increased by 19 percent over 2010.

Gun dealers say it's driven by the perception that crime is up locally amid a bad economy.

What is your opinion on concealed carry? Is it a good thing? Does it deter crime? Is it a safety issue?

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