Cabela's set to re-open after fire

On Friday May 3rd, Cabela's in Dundee will be back open for business after a fire last week caused extensive smoke damage and forced the business to close temporarily.


April 24th,

over 300 employees have been working around the clock to get th


store back open.

A big effort that includes restocking clothes and cleaning the 225,000 square foot store to look as good as it did before a fire on April 24th.

In the overnight hours of the 24th, an electrical fire from an overhead light burned clothes and carpet below. The fire was quickly contained, but smoke reached throughout the store.

"Anything that would hold a sent was removed from the building and we had new product brought in to replace that product," explains Mike Boldrick, operations manager for Cabela's.

Product replaced includes clothes, shoes, books, food products and more. Nearly everything in the store is new. Plus, an expert was brought in to clean smoke damage from each of these taxidermied animals.

While new product lines the shelves, store managers say don't expect a different store, " the quality of the merchandise is the same that they always expect and they know from us as we want it to look as good as it did before," says Boldrick.


n investigation continues into what caused the electrical fire.

An estimate on the fire damage has not been released.