Cage fight puts black eye on children doing martial arts

Boys in cage fight cause controversy. / Dim Sum! (Flickr)

A YouTube video of two young boys going toe to toe in a cage fight in England sparked outrage across the globe. The video shows an 8 and 9-year-old boy fighting in front of a roaring crowd with no gloves or protective gear.

"The safety of the kids has to come first," said John Penn, head instructor at Satori Martial Arts in Maumee. "If (our students) are going to be in a type of contact side we want to make sure they are wearing protective gear."

The British Medical Association condemned the cage fight. They released a statement saying, "cage fighting among young children in Preston is particularly disturbing, especially as they are not wearing head guards. Boxing and cage fighting are sometimes defended on the grounds that children learn to work through their aggression with discipline."

Do you think cage fighting is okay for young children? What age do you think would be appropriate? Would you ever let you child engage in cage fights? Let us know down below........