Can a golf cart travel coast-to-coast? Coast Guard members find out

The cart that is making the cross country excursion.

Go Carts which stands for, Guardsmen Carting Across the States, is designed to raise awareness of injured service members for the Wounded Warriors Project. The group of Coast Guard service members started their journey in Petaluma, California on April 29th.

â??We have three things we are trying to do,â?? Ray Rehberg, Chief Electricianâ??s Mate of the U.S. Coast Guard explained, â??first, drive a golf cart across America, two, meet as many veterans as we can, and three, raise $50,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.â??

Each day they log 200 miles and the journey has made an impact.

Nicholas Barron, Petty Officer, 1st Class, commented on the impact the expedition has made on him so far. â??Itâ??s been very humbling, being able to visit veteransâ?? homes and VA hospitals and talk to the veterans. It has really touched me, it is a life changing experience.â??

The cart that is being driven reaches a top speed of 25 mph, 26 mph going downhill. The final destination is Yorktown, Virginia, on May 26th.