Can voter anger help Dems win Ohio House?

We are Ohio celebrates the defeat of Issue 2 on Nov. 8. / Michael Henrich

Remember "No on Issue 2?" It was hard to escape those airwave-dominating political ads before the Nov. 8 election, and Ohio Democrats are determined to make sure you won't ever forget them.

The Associated Press reports Democrats have recruited unionized teachers, local government officials and veterans to run for office in hopes of reclaiming the Ohio House in 2012. Republicans currently hold a 19-seat advantage, but Dems believe they can overturn the House by using Issue 2 "voter anger" against them.

"The GOP's partisan agenda is out of touch, which is why their top legislative priority ... was soundly rejected in Republican districts across the state," state Rep. Jay Goyal, co-chair of the House Democratic Caucus Campaign, told the AP.

Almost all of Ohio House's 99 districts have a democratic candidate--the first time in two decades.

But Ohio Republicans' own list of candidates--including the president of a local manufacturing company, a restaurant owner, school board members, a former teacher, and a member of the NAACP and National Urban League boards--prove a challenge to their opponents.

"The House Republican Caucus has demonstrated that we can and will do what is necessary to put Ohio back on the right track, and our candidates want to be a part of our effort to continue rebuilding Ohio," said state Rep. Matt Huffman, who chairs the Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee.

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(The Associated Press contributed to this report)