Can you hear me now? Toledo ranks among worst for cell phone signal

Toledo ranks among the worst cities in the country for mobile phone reception.

Mobile phone users in Toledo can hardly hear a thing, according to a new TIME Magazine report.

If you thought you were the only one with horrible cell signal, the report says you're not alone when in Toledo. The city ranks fifth on the list of the worst cities for mobile phone reception in the United States. Mobile users in the Glass City are plagued by dropped calls, slow download speeds, and other generally lethargic responses from their cellular devices.

TIME, which released the list Monday as part of its series on how wireless technology is changing lives, took data from OpenSignalMaps to compile its list. OpenSignalMaps compares signal strength in given regions with the rest of the country as well as globally.

The report rates Toledo as having a mobile signal strength that is generally strong enough to make calls, but not enough for particularly strong call quality.

The honor for worst city for mobile phone reception in the U.S. goes to Bakersfield, California. No. 10 on the list is Detroit.

The best carrier in the city, according to the magazine? Sprint. The worst carrier? T-Mobile.

According to Verizon Wireless public relations manager for Ohio region, Laura Merritt, a number of studies are floating around but the most respected ones point to Verizon as the leader in network quality. "A study in April by RootMetrics showed Verizon to have the strongest overall performance in Toledo," says Merritt.

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