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      Canadian court refuses to block extradition of Toledo murder suspect

      Kyle Sheppard faces murder charges if he is extradited.

      A Toledo man who fled to Canada after allegedly killing his wife nearly a year ago, is expected to head back the United States.

      A C anadian court said it would not stand in the way of extraditing Kyle Sheppard back to Toledo.

      In N ovember of 2012, his wife, Katie Sheppard was found dead inside their west Toledo home.

      WNWO talked with Katie's grandmother, Carol Inman, who says she's happy Kyle will face justice in America, "we would like to get on to the court date as soon as possible so we could have closure," says Inman.

      I nman adds that her family has received a lot of support from community members and other families of murder victims. She says she's not angry with Kyle, and instead will pray for him.

      A date has not been set for Kyle Sheppard's extradition. Meanwhile, the decision from the Canadian court can be appealed.

      READ: WNWO obtained a 13-page document detailing the extradition.