Candidates flock to Cleveland while Obama hoops

Mitt Romney and Pres. Obama had decidely different approaches to how they spent Election Day.

While President Obama plays a traditional game of basketball on this Election Day, his running mate and competition make last minute campaign stops in the same city.

Vice President Joe Biden made an unannounced stop in Cleveland late Tuesday morning, placing him and Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan within minutes of each other in the ever-crucial Buckeye state.

According to the Associated Press' Philip Elliot, "Ryan wheels down in Cleveland. On final descent, VP Biden's motorcade could be seen out the right windows pulling away from Air Force Two."

Republican Mitt Romney, and Ryan, had scheduled Election Day stops in Cleveland.

Biden made a stop at Landmark Restaurant where he posed for photos with staff and greeted patrons booth by booth. After the stop, he made his way back to Air Force Two for his departure to Chicago. He'll watch election returns with Pres. Obama Tuesday night.

Romney and Ryan stopped at a Wendy's for lunch before leaving the Buckeye state for a final campaign stop in Pennsylvania.


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