Candle lit for 5 days at memorial for dead children

A candle will stay lit for five days at the Toledo Children's Memorial, to recognize the loss of Paige, Logan, and Madalyn Hayes.

A candle was lit at the Toledo Children's Memorial on Tuesday, in memory of a family poisoned by carbon monoxide.

The candle will burn for five days, in memory of 10-year-old Paige Hayes, 6-year-old Logan Hayes and 5-year-old Madalyn Hayes, who were victims of a suspected murder-suicide at their home on Harvest Lane on Monday.

The three children, along with their grandmother, 54-year-old Sandy Ford, and her son, 32-year-old Andy Ford, were found dead inside a Honda Civic in their garage. Two dogs and a cat were also found dead inside the vehicle with the five bodies.

Police say a black, Dodge truck, also in the enclosed garage, had hoses leading from its exhaust into the car the victims were in. Officials suspect it was not an accident.


Toledo Children's Memorial

sits at the intersection of Eleanor and Jackman Road. The privately-funded memorial was created in 1999 by Daniel Cole, in remembrance of two high school students, Cassie Jones and Maggie Hayes, who were killed that May by a reckless driver.

An 8' by 6' monument now stands at the memorial site. A candle is lit to recognize the children who have perished, and engraved "Angel Bricks" adorn the walkway.