CAPTURED Fugitive of the Week: Anastasia White

Anastasia White / Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force

We've all had someone flash their lights at us in traffic. Maybe we forgot to dim our headlights. Maybe there was something wrong with our car and someone was trying to let us know. Anastasia White flashes her lights at people so she can shoot at them.

On October 10, friends were traveling on Kenilworth Ave. in north Toledo when someone flashed their lights at them. They pulled over. Anastasia White pulled up beside them and opened fire with a handgun, screaming, "I want you all to die!"

Fortunately, all of her shots missed.

The people she shot at were her coworkers!

U.S. Marshal Rodney Hartzell wants this disturbed woman off the streets ASAP. "She's armed; she's dangerous; and she's out of her mind!"

If you know where Anastasia White can be found, contact the U.S. Marshal's Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force at 1-866-4WANTED. Anastasia White needs to be off the streets before she develops better aim and actually shoots someone.