CAPTURED Fugitive of the Week: Hollis Lanier

Hollis Lanier

Hollis Lanier works hard at making a living. Unfortunately, according to U.S. Marshal Rodney Hartzell, he makes his living off of armed robbery.

TheNorthern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force would like to shut down Lanier's enterprise which operates primarily on Broadway in south Toledo.

On March 29, Lanier approached two people walking on Broadway and robbed them at gunpoint of their money, jewelry, and shoes. He apparently was unhappy with his haul, so he pistol whipped the victims, breaking their teeth. As he fled, he turned and attepmted to shoot his victims. Fortunately, the gun did not fire.

"He's willing to shoot people. We've seen that," said Hartzell. "He's armed and extremely dangerous.

Lanier is a member of the street gang, the Street Bloods.

Marshal Hartzel wants this dangerous person off the streets and is willing to pony up the cash to get it done. If you know where Lanier can be found, call the task force at 1-866 4WANTED. If your information is good, your tip could result in a lucrative reward.