Car crashes into house springing gas leak

A vehicle is towed away after crashing into the side of this home on central avenue, causing a gas leak.

A sedan crashed into the side of a Toledo woman's home following a fender bender Monday evening on Central Avenue.

Mary Mccraney was watching television in her home on the 2400 block of central avenue when she heard the crash around 8:30 p.m.

"I was sitting on my couch and then I heard this shaking, like an earthquake," said Mccraney. "I looked out my window and I saw the car in the building up against the porch."

Mccraney's son, Terrance Barnes, was mowing the front lawn when he described that the woman driving the vehicle was clipped by a pick-up truck, causing her to spiral off the road, go through a fence, and into the wall of the brick house, springing a gas leak.

Debris from the vehicle was strewn all over the lawn and even onto the front porch. A piece of the bumper lay next to the side of the house from where the car crashed.

"I never thought this would happen here," said Mccraney, who has lived in the home for 22 years.

A utility crew from Columbia Gas patched up the leak and said it was under control.

The identity of the driver is unknown at this time and police were not available for comment.