Car slams into restaurant on Airport Hwy.

A car crashed into La Scola's on Airport Hwy. late Monday.

A car carrying multiple passengers lost control and slammed into a restaurant on Monday night.

The crash occurred around 9:30 p.m. at La Scola Italian Grill on Airport Highway.

Alisa Boyle, a server at the restaurant, was driving out of the parking lot when she witnessed the accident.

â??The driver just took a jerk to the right, left, and then back to the right, and hopped the curb, barely missed one part of the building then went right in there,â?? said Boyle. â??It looked like they were stuck for a second which is why I ran up to the car and they just hopped right out and started freaking out.â??

Witnesses said there were three people in the car and described the driver as a black male. Boyle added, "He was pretty shaken up, but no broken bones or wounds or anything."

According to Boyle, there were only two customers in the restaurant at the time of the accident, and about a quarter of the restaurant was damaged.

Owner Moussa Salloukah was notified of the crash over the phone. He rushed to the restaurant after hearing what happened.

â??Devastation. A car inside the dining room is never a good sign,â?? said Salloukah. â??I have no idea how long itâ??s going to interrupt our business, but thank God nobody was hurt. That's the main thing.â??

Toledo Police are investigating the crash.