Carroll Twp. drops 'do not drink the water' advisory

Carroll Twp. residents can drink water again.

Carroll Township residents may now drink water from their own taps after days of being warned of concerning toxin levels.

The Carroll Water and Sewer District issued a "Do Not Drink The Water" Advisory Thursday evening, warning residnets that harmful toxins were found in the treated water supply used by Carroll Township.

A sample collected on Wednesday showed microcystin toxins above the amount allowed by Ohio's EPA and then on Thursday another sample found microcystin levels at 3 times the levels permitted.

Early Saturday afternoon, residents were given an all-clear to resume normal consumption of water inside their homes.

Late Thursday, the district began work to switch the water supply to an alternate system before flushing it completely. The district will return to use of its own source of water when toxins levels are adequately lowered.

For nearly two days, residents were urged to not use the water for drinking, making infant formula, making ice, brushing teeth, water for pets, or preparing food.

Officials advised that only healthy adults use the water for bathing, washing hands, washing dishes and doing laundry but still advised that skin irritation could result from exposure to the water.

Area residents are encouraged to seek medical attention if they, or a pet, shows signs of illness if they have ingested water during the warning period.