Carryout wall ripped out during break-in

Rick Aossey says he has no idea when he can reopen his business.

Toledo police are looking for the person or people responsible for an early morning break-in at a local convenience store.

It happened around 2:45 a.m. at Captain's Carry-Out along 315th Street in Point Place.

Investigators say someone tried to break-in and do a snatch and grab. Police believe the suspects may have used a pick-up truck to back into the business. The entire wall was taken down in the process of the attempted robbery.

The owner says he doesn't even have an ATM at his store and doesn't know why he was targeted.

â??It makes me feel unbelievably upset because I'm going to be out of business for a while and my employees count on this paycheck,â?? store owner Rick Aossey said.

Aossey also said he's had break-ins before, but has never seen anything like this happen.

No one was hurt and nothing was taken from the store. If you have any information, call crime stopper at 419-255-1111.