Carty says ''sayonara'' to the city of Toledo

As the marathon that has been the last 12 years comes to an end for Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, the outgoing leader called his closest associates together to say thank you.

I now look forward to saying sayonara on January 4, my last day on the job," said Finkbeiner.

For good or for bad, he's gotten some things accomplished.

According to the mayor, over his 12 years in office, over four billion dollars have been invested in the city of Toledo.

On Wednesday, he spoke about what he refers to as some of the successful projects under his watch: the Jeep Plant, new hospitals, and building the city's solar reputation. Thomas Freedman... repeatedly in his columns referring to Toledo Ohio as the solar center of the United States, said Finkbeiner.

He also recognized some of Toledo's challenges during his reign, namely the local economy and jobless rates. We looked our challenges budgetarily, public safety wise, keeping the city clean, we looked them right square in the eye without blinking and we did what we had to do, said Finkbeiner.

While some people are praising Carty's efforts, others, namely his wife, Amy, says she'll have plenty for him to do at home. I don't keep honey do lists. I gave up on that years ago, no honey do lists, but it will be nice to have him back home.