Casino cheaters charged

Even though the Hollywood Casino is relatively new, those overseeing the security are anything but. Gaming agents have charged eleven people with 37 counts of various gaming violations.

Officials tell WNWO that the agents in the gaming board are well trained to spot cheaters.

"All the gaming agents assigned to this casino as well as the Cleveland casino have received over 60 hours of training to identify cheaters within the casino," says Gaming Agent Doug St. Clair.

He says it is not an easy task to spot cheaters but their extensive training make it much easier.

"We watch nearly 1,000 cameras in the casino every day, 24/7. In addition to the regular surveillance people within the casino," says St. Clair, who helped break up a group of six individuals trying to run a scam on a roulette table. "They stole non-denominational chips from the game and later re-introduced them at a higher value and then would cash out shortly there-after."

He says that often... experienced cheaters will target new casinos bacause they assume the dealers will be less experienced, and therefore easier to fool. St. Clair says "Some of these people are well versed and have done this more than once, and as for others it was just a spur of the moment."

The latter may have been the case when an Oregon man tried to illegally pull back a losing bet at the craps table.

In another case, one of the craps dealers placed fraudulent bets for a friend who was playing at that table.

Each charge carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison and up to a $2,500 fine.