Casino earmarks $200,000 for Rossford fire and police

Hollywood Casino wants to be a good neighbor to Rossford by offering $200,000 for law enforcement costs. / WNWO archive

Making good with their promise, Hollywood Casino has set aside cash to help neighboring city Rossford with fire and police protection.

Published reports say the new casino has earmarked $200,000 to cover the increased demand for first responders once the casino opens.

"This goodwill gesture is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to being a good corporate citizen in both Toledo and Rossford," Casino representative Eric Schippers told The Blade. "We recognize that Hollywood Casino serves as a gateway to downtown Rossford."

Mayor Bill Verbosky, Jr. says decisions on how to spend the grant are not yet in place.

"We said all along there is going to be some impact. How can it not when the casino is sitting literally on your doorstep," Mayor Verbosky told The Blade.. "The way the grant was done | the idea is we would look at it a year after it opens to see how everything has been fully impacted."

Hollywood Casino is set to open its doors in April.

Do you think the grant will fairly cover costs associated with traffic coming in and out of the new casino? Leave your comment below with us.