Casino hosts job fair in Bowling Green

With the Hollywood Casino opening this spring in Toledo. The casino held a job fair Thursday at the Strohâ??s Center in Bowling Green.

Chrystal Herndon the VP of human resources says once you came and checked in. â??We made sure you applied in the system, because we need to have an application prior to arrival. And then we send you down to the floor where you are able to receive a one on one interview with our hiring managerâ??.

â??I'm moving right along. It's just a matter of time before things break and we get back to workâ??. Jeff Grodi from Monroe says who took a Chrysler buy out a few years back is hoping for a new opportunity with the new Hollywood casino. He hopes to work in the customer service field or management and do a good job for pro national.

The casino is still looking to fill a number of positions, especially food and beverage, people to bus tables, servers, cooks and chefs. The casino is still interviewing for engineer and custodial type of positions as well.

Barbara Forre of Toledo thinks that this is going to be a great opportunity for a lot of people, including her. â??I think this is going to be great for our cityâ?? she says. She also adds that â??there is lot of good job opportunities for all of us who haven't had a lot of work over the last few yearsâ??.

Remember when your coming to the Hollywood Casino job fair. You always want to put your best foot forward and make a great impression. Chrystal Herndon suggest you dress as best as possible. And just relax and let your personally come through. â??We just want to get to know you when we interview you. This is not a test we just want to know who you areâ??.