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      Cat fancier's go for purr-fect ten

      Cats and kittens flashed their whiskers and strutted their paws at Monroe Community College on Sunday, as the Cat Fancier's Association came to Michigan.

      Owners and breeders exhibited their felines in the Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers competition. About 150 pedigreed cats were judged in several categories, including class, age, and physical attributes. Many different breeds were present, including Ocicat, Maine Coon, Havana Brown, and Ragdoll. Even household cats were allowed to compete, so long as they were spayed or neutered, and not declawed.

      "We come from all over the country to go to the shows," said show co-manager Megan Hiemstra. "Most of us are local but you have exhibitors here from all over the United States."

      Several exhibitors made the trip from NorthWest Ohio to enter their furry friends. Sylvania resident Brenda Majdalani brought her 5-month old Maine Coon, Maggie, the offspring of her champion-pedigreed parents. Robin Madigan came from Waterville to exhibit her chocolate-silver spotted Ocicat, "Thumper." Like many exhibitors at the show, Madigan is used to the travel.

      "I probably show once to twice a month," said Madigan. She continued, "I'll go anywhere as far as Canada, Indiana, Illinois, and all through the state of Ohio."

      The Cat Fancier's Association hosted 8 shows this weekend alone. The two-day competition at Monroe Community College was the 50th show for the Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers.

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