Cat virus closes Toledo shelter

The shelter will be closed until at least noon on June 23.

No cats have been allowed in and none have been adopted this week at Toledo shelter Paws and Whiskers.

The doors have been closed after an outbreak of a high contagious virus.

"This time of year we have a lot of kittens in here that have received no vaccine or only their first vaccine," said Dave Plunkett, manager at Paws and Whiskers.

A dozen kittens are being held in the sickroom for treatment of ringworm. One of the kittens was diagnosed with the feline virus.

"If an animal gets exposed to a virus and it gets a vaccine at roughly the same time, the virus is going to win," said Dr. Bob Esplin of Sylvania Vet.

These kinds of outbreaks are common and treatable, according to Dr. Esplin.

He said once the virus is detected, it is important to prevent it from spreading.

That's exactly what shelter manager Plunkett plans to do.

"There's no real cure for it. The only thing we can do is maintenance. Make sure that they're nourished and have plenty of fluids, " Plunkett said.

The facility will have to undergo a thorough cleaning treatment.

"They are absolutely doing the right thing by shutting down, so that they're no longer adopting anything out, until they're sure that they're through this outbreak," Dr. Esplin said.

The shelter will be closed until at least noon on June 23.