Catherine Sackrider's death remains a mystery

The investigation into the death of Catherine Sackrider is as big a mystery as the circumstances surrounding her demise.

What is known is that Sackrider travelled from her Indiana home last September to visit her daughter in Sylvania. That routine Sept. 18 family visit was the last time Sackrider was seen alive.

Sackrider's truck was found abandoned in Whetstone Park one week later. On Nov. 9, a farmer discovered human remains near a barn in Blissfield. Several days later the remains were identified as Sackrider's.

WNWO called the Lucas County Coroner to find out the autopsy results. We were told to contact the Lenawee County Sheriff's Dept. to ask them for that information. When WNWO told the Lenawee County Sheriff's Department that the Lucas County Coroner had referred us to them they were surprised and said the Sylvania Township Police Department was in charge. WNWO went to the Sylvania Township Police Department and asked if the detective in charge of the Sackrider case was in the building. A few minutes later the front desk clerk said the detective was "unavailable".

A friend of Sackrider's told WNWO that the family has been told the case is an ongoing investigation.