Catholic woman ordained deacon

Beverly Bingle was ordained a deacon at the First Unitarian Church of Toledo.

History was made in Toledo when a Roman Catholic woman was ordained a deacon. But Beverly Bingle's ordination had her formally kicked out of the Catholic Church. So who ordained this woman and how is she a deacon?

The group responsible for the ordination is called the Roman Catholic Womenpriests. It's a progressive movement from within the Roman Catholic Church to get women ordained as ministers in the church.

That group oversaw the ordination of Beverly Bingle as a deacon Thursday night in a move they described as "holy disobedience."

"God's blessing on me and on all the women in the whole world, and I'm feeling it in my body. I feel it in my soul," Bingle said.

While Thursday night's event was a happy one for everyone there, it automatically excommunicated Bingle from the Catholic Church.

In a statement from the Toledo Church Diocese, citing Pope John Paul II, they say "the church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the church's faithful."

Reverend Beth Marshall minister of First Unitarian Church of Toledo offers this advice to Bingle: "Stay the course, listen to your heart, and take care of yourself,"


says she plans on holding meeting in homes and in any building that will allow her in and others in to continue practicing as a Catholic. Becoming a deacon sets her up to be ordained a priest by the Roman Catholic Womenpriests, which is expected to happen in 2013.