Caught on Video: Bandit robs Sylvania Twp gas station

The suspect's face may be hidden but authorities hope someone will recognize the robber using his clothing, size or body shape.

Sylvania Township Police are hoping someone can identify the man who robbed a gas station on Thursday.

The Marathon, at 5410 W. Alexis Road, had surveillance video that captured the aggravated robber in action.

Investigators say the suspect walked up to the cashier, just after 11 p.m., and said "give me all your money."

The clerk told authorities that she didnâ??t see a gun, but reported he appeared to be pointing a gun at her from inside his jacket pocket.

After fleeing the scene on foot, with less than $200, police were able to track the suspect to a nearby wooded area.

Authorities believe that, from there, the suspect was able to flee the scene using a waiting getaway vehicle.

The suspect is described as white, around 6 feet tall and weighs approximately 210 pounds.

A black and white bandana covered most of the suspect's face and wore mostly dark clothing, gloves and a ball cap.

Despite the disguise, the clerk and station owner said that a regular customer may have been the robber.

That person drives a grey Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible and has multiple tattoos.

Police have not been able to confirm if the suspect and customer might be the same person.

If you have any information on the bandit you're asked to call law enforcement at 419-882-2055.