Cedar Point brings in hot new attractions for new season

WindSeeker / Cedar Point

SANDUSKY, Ohio - Cedar Point is set to open for the season with Hollywood hot dogs but without its new thrill ride.

The Sandusky amusement park begins its summer on Saturday with the opening of its new Pink's restaurant , featuring gourmet hot dogs and onion rings.

The famous "Hot Dog To The Stars" will be the first Pink's franchise opened east of Las Vegas, giving the Sandusky amusement park another claim to fame.

For the second year in a row, Cedar Point's big new ride is not ready for opening day. The Sandusky Register reports company officials say the towering WindSeeker swing ride could be delayed until Memorial Day because of bad weather.

The WindSeeker will be a modern-day version of one of the park's most popular attractions from yester-year, the Sea Swings, that would dip riders into Lake Erie in a circular motion. "Spinning almost 300 feet above Lake Erie and the Cedar Point Beach will be a very exciting ride experience for our guests," said John Hildebrandt, the vice president and general manager of Cedar Point . "Day or night, WindSeeker will provide riders with dramatic views of the park and the Cedar Point Peninsula. It will be an extremely popular addition to Cedar Point."

Last year's Shoot the Rapids water ride debuted a month late because of technical issues.

(The Associated Press contributed to this article.)

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