Cedar Point gets makeover for 2014 season

The latest rides will be located near the Gemini Midway.

Cedar Point is introducing a new lineup of 2014 attractions that family members of all ages can enjoy.

Cedar Point announced two new family rides, updates on the park's Campy Snoopy, and renovations to Hotel Breakers.

The family of roller coasters will welcome additional rides -- Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles. Pipe Scream combines the thrill of a spinning roller coaster that soars over a 300 feet track at a maximum speed of 43 mph. It will be located near the Gemini Midway.

Riders on the Lake Eagles Erie ride will sit in one of eight ride carriages that are suspended from arms 28 feet above the ground. Riders can customize their ride experience. This ride will be built across from Pipe Scream in the Gemini Midway.

Some old rides will get moved Camp Snoopy. The kid-friendly Frog Hopper, renamed as Woodstock's Airmail, will relocate to Camp Snoopy. The Jr. Gemini roller coaster got its name change to Wilderness Run. It will move its entrance into Camp Snoopy.

Guests staying at the Hotel Breakers will see renovation work starting this winter.The hotel stands between the shore of Lake Erie and the roller coasters of Cedar Point. Both the exterior and interior of the buildings will receive upgrades.