Cedar Point invaded by dinosaurs

Cedar Point goers can get up close and personal with T-Rex at Dinosaurs! Alive. / Courtesy photo

Cedar Point has prehistoric plans for a new attraction next summer. Dinosaurs Alive! will be located on four acres on the wooded island that is located in the lagoons toward the back of the park. The project will cost about $1 million to build.

The park boasts that Dinosaurs Alive! will be multi-sensory and interactive. Guests will be able to see approximately 50 life-size animatronic dinosaurs that can roar and move. Each will be handcrafted and covered with skin-like materials that will replicate almost every feature.

Four of the dinosaurs will have interactive consoles that will allow guests to guide their movement to create an up-close look at how these dinosaurs moved their arms, tail, eyes and mouth.

"We are extremely excited about introducing Dinosaurs Alive! to our guests next summer," said John Hildebrandt, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point. "Our guests will have the opportunity to visit the Jurassic Age up close and see some of the amazing creatures that called it home. Dinosaurs Alive! will be educational but fun, too." Admission to Dinosaurs Alive! will be $5 per person. Special rates for groups and schools will also be vailable.

Would you go to the attraction or do you think the prehistoric theme is outdated? Weigh in below.