Cedar Point, Kings Island among nation's most visited parks

Two of the most visited theme parks in the United States reside within the state of Ohio.

A new report by the Themed Entertainment Association compiled the data, which showed that Cedar Point had 3.2-million visitors in 2012...while Kings Island also put 3.2-million through the turnstiles over the course of the year.

Both parks are owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., which ranked as the seventh largest theme-park group in the world last year.

Cedar Point showed a .7% gain in attendance between 2008, considered a peak year prior to the recession, and 2012.

Kings island posted an impressive 2.5% gain in the same period.

The attendance growth at both parks could be a good indicator for the local economy, according to Janet Harrah, senior director for the Center for Economic Analysis and Development at Northern Kentucky University.

â??When the economy is doing better, people have more money to spend on entertainment,â?? Harrah told Entertainment â??is one of the first things people cut and (one of the first things) people spend more on when the economy improves." she added.

Making the numbers even more impressive is the fact that both parks are in Ohio...and not in the traditional vacation hotspots of Florida and California.

Cedar Point and Kings Island make Ohio the number three state in the country for amusement park visits.

Disney themed parks populate the top five positions...with Universal parks, Sea World and Knott's Berry Farm help to round out the top 15.

Cedar Point and Kings Island ranked 14th and 15th in the survey respectively.

Are you surprised that Ohio is #3 when it comes to amusement park visits in the USA?